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Family Business Transitions

Actionable plans that fit your business landscape as you face transitions of any kind

Frustrated, uncertain and feeling ill-equipped to deal with the constant change?

Missing the targets in your desired results?

Employees disengaged, burned out, and performing below expectations?

You aren’t alone. Family businesses, small to medium-sized privately held companies, as well as executives leading divisions within larger organizations, grapple with these questions.

Google searches for coaching leaders, focused planning, business coaching services, coaching for small businesses, harmony in family business – happen every minute of every day. The list of frustratingly complex challenges that lead to a frustratingly complicated search for the right coach is … just plain frustrating.

Ascend can expedite the development process so that both leaders, and their companies, grow exponentially. With Ascend, cut through the frustration to get clarity in vision, guidance through business model changes, and the opportunities to optimize, capitalize, and maximize the team and their talents that lead to desired outcomes.

Ascend’s TARGET list:

If you need business and executive coaching services for your startup, your family owned business, your small business, as well as for those of you who are leaders bracing for transition, Ascend can help.

If you have limited time, energy and resources, business and executive coaching can be your catalyst to reduce stress, frustration, and restore harmony within your business and personal life.  If the new hires, culture, leadership and retention challenges have negatively impacted your ability to navigate the intersection of life and business, Ascend can help.

Ascend’s clients are working to:

Catalytic Conversations

Sometimes hearing other people’s stories of crisis and recovery sparks a thought for us that makes a difference or gives us hope. I interview business owners to honor their stories and experiences. Catch everybody’s why, how and what. Take a listen. Who says you have to learn everything the hard way? I have both video and audio only versions.

Video of this season’s Catalytic Conversations on YouTube:

Audio of Catalytic Conversations can be found on Anchor, Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcasts, Pocketcasts, Podbean, RadioPublic

Worry doesn’t help, working smarter does. ~Wendy Dickinson

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