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What’s your recovery plan?

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You may be shaking your head thinking, “Whoa, I am not sure my business is going to survive this thing. You’re way ahead of me.”

That’s okay. I understand that. You aren’t alone. There are so many business owners in that same place. Ascend is helping owners create a survival & recovery plan.

The survival & recovery of your business depends on your ability as the owner to navigate the intersection of life and business with your target in mind. Otherwise, you’re caught in the middle, dodging whatever life and business throw at you without direction.

Here’s Ascend’s TARGET list:

Ascend can provide the support and expertise you need to position yourself to survive long enough to recover.

For example, one month into the economic shutdown, Ascend clients have:

These clients are already creating and testing out parts of their recovery plans.

Catalytic Conversations

Sometimes hearing other people’s stories of crisis and recovery sparks a thought for us that makes a difference or gives us hope. I interview business owners to honor their stories and experiences. Catch everybody’s why, how and what. Take a listen. Who says you have to learn everything the hard way? I have both video and audio only versions.

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Use this new normal to discover what is, and isn’t, working in your business. Decide what you can do to mitigate the damage of the new normal. Design a profitable response to navigate this intersection of life and business. Deliver services or products needed to generate revenue. Anchor yourself to practices that safeguard your mental health – wherever you are. Worry doesn’t help, working does.

~ Wendy Dickinson

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