Dear Owner/Founder/CEO,

How close is your success summit?

Don’t let talk of the business ruin another dinner.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep over the “situation” you have to deal with in the morning.

Every business has highs and lows. Learning, differences in communicating, negotiating, and the tension of change are important to the everyday life of a successful business. Master that tension to lead your tribe to welcome whatever comes. With Ascend Coaching Solutions, you can make this work.

Are you ready to change today?

So that tomorrow you can....

  • Lead with love - not anger or frustration.
  • Equip yourself to say “it” with integrity.
  • Feel what it’s like to have greater capacity.
  • Build healthy relationships with those in, and outside of your business.
  • Face changes in the relationship with opportunity as a compass.

You can make this work -

With Ascend, meaningful relationships, a valuable business, and a legacy that has room for the next generation’s innovations ~ become possibilities.

"Leaders have the power to model humanity at its best within the workplace community.."

~ Wendy Dickinson