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Discover the opportunity to optimize your team and their talents to achieve success.

Is Your Business Experiencing:

This is a Common Story for Family Businesses

Just over half of families are on the same page when it comes to strategy
77% of the time family members don't agree on vision, use of resources, or role transition processes
1 in 10 say those conflicts have been extreme
Yet just 13% have a conflict resolution process

Meet Wendy

Having grown up in a family small business, I have firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges in leadership, succession, growth, and changing markets. This created a passion in me to dedicate my work to seeing businesspeople who have spent their lives building their companies, reap the rewards of their efforts.

In my career I have co-founded three companies, one of which sold to a Fortune 1000. Success is built upon sound strategy, being adaptive to change, resilient, and building healthy, collaborative relationships within a company. 

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