5 Things You Need To Successfully Ride the Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur

I was interviewed for Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.  Both were curious about how I recommend surviving the highs & lows of entrepreneurship.

That advice has two parts.  Both meet at the intersection of business and life. 

This month, I’ll give you the 5 Essentials to Successfully Ride the Highs & Lows of Entrepreneurship.

  1. Meditate.  This is your go-to.  Meditation allows you to be fully present in a situation while you maintain an emotional reserve.  It’s your key to choosing a response versus reacting.  Don’t get hung up on the details.  Just give yourself the time to be.  This practice allows me to show up in any relationship as my best self.  I’m aware of my darker tendencies, and yet I have the presence to hold the long view. 
  2. Sleep.  Of course, you will have to work late, or come in early – or both.  But, sleep is essential to maintain your overall health and mental acuity.  I can do without a good night’s sleep for maybe two consecutive nights and then, I’m trouble.  As a coach and consultant, I meet clients where they are – and that requires patience, empathy and a listening ear.  I need that every day.
  3. Eat well.  Don’t deplete your physical reserves to feed the business.  Each of these steps will allow you to maintain your energy, choose appropriate responses to the highs and lows, and have the stamina to go the distance.  I’ve invested in my company.  I have strategic plans to implement and execute.  I cannot do those things on an empty stomach without adequate nutrition.  Radio shows, podcasts, client meetings – all get awkward if my stomach is growling.
  4. Learn – for the whole of your life.  Read, or listen to books, podcasts, and music.  Give your mind the opportunity to learn and stretch.  You should wake up expecting to learn 2-3 things every day.  This is the practice of a self-awareness and internal motivator.  This practice helps you maintain your competitive edge.  My clients get down into the weeds of their businesses.  They tend to miss trends, and hold onto outdated systems because they are comfortable.  But, once they start reading or listening, they can’t undo the knowledge they now hold.  It’s transformational.
  5. Exercise. Exercise outside whenever possible.  You were  designed to be an outdoors creature.  Give your eyes, brain, and body the chance to connect with the outdoors.  

As an entrepreneur, you bring your humanity to the business. 

There is a mind, body, and spirit connection to that business.  If you are mindful, well-rested, well-fed, curious, and physically fit – you can handle every single thing that the business landscape can dish out.  It won’t be easy.  It won’t all land you in the billionaires club, but you will be rich in wisdom, experience, and resilience.

If you’d like the support of a coach to bring these practices into your life, give me a call.  I’d love to help!

Wendy Dickinson

About the Author

Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, a coaching firm that specializes in working with business owners and executives who plan to expand their leadership capacity as their business grows.

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