2029 Leapfrog

Hello, 2019! On this 1st Friday of the 1st week of the 1st quarter, I’d like to share a book with you. Bob Johansen’s, The

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Human beings are hard-wired for connection and community Business owners frequently underutilize the value of a successful team. As The M&A Coach, I encourage owners

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Service or Excellence

Service v. Excellence: Valuable Values, Especially When Integrated Today we continue with our discussion of Will of Widget & Co. You may remember that Will’s

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The Value of Your Values

Values Assessment Navigating the many twists and turns of business ownership can be a complex process. Identifying & prioritizing your values provides direction in decision

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C.R.A.V.E. to Wealth

I like this acronym. It stands for: Compilation Review Audit Valuation Estate Planning On of the most confusing aspects of buying, selling, or passing ownership

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What is your strategy for creating wealth from your business? Some family-owned, closely-held business owners begin by focusing on the profit and loss sheet, or

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When You ASSUME….

The next GAIL is the “A” for assumption. Farnham Street recently shared an article entitled, “First Principles: The Building Blocks of True Knowledge”. In it

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