CEO: Control, Excellence, Orderliness

Last week we examined personal values. Let’s use this week to really dig into values within in your organization. You were asked to choose five and then prioritize the five. This week, choose 5 values apparent in your company. Prioritize the 5 values. How do you rank those values compared with your personal values?

I would like to know if there are similar values in both your personal list and your company’s list.

Recently I spoke with a group of business owners. The conversation turned to stress management amidst the excitement of one company’s growth cycle. There was a sense among those at the table that their businesses demanded one “hat” and there was another for home and another for the individual. All agreed it was exhausting.

The energy of the conversation shifted when the group explored a never-before-considered strategy of totally integrating the CEO, family and person into one being. Sort of an internal Business Evolution Revolution. All agreed that would be a less stressful, more harmonious existence.

Each person identified aspects of self that could be developed, strengths turned into superpowers, that could allow that person to bring their integrated self to work, home and out with friends. How might the integrated, evolved, revolutionized CEO impact their organization? Let’s use Will of Widget & Co, from last week, to unpack this idea. If you recall, Will’s values, in order of priority, are: autonomy, service and community. However, his company, identified these 3 values: power, excellence and orderliness.

As a coach, I would ask about the alignment of autonomy and power.

Will may express autonomy as an independent decision-maker within a family of independent decision-makers who arrive at a consensus after democratic discussion.

While at work, Will may express the value of power as a CEO who is the ultimate decision maker in the company. Will may feel a willingness and obligation to his team to listen to their opinions, talk through the options and possibilities, but, ultimately makes the decision himself.

What would Will look like if he chose to integrate by shifting his leadership style to empower the team, allowing team members more decision-making opportunities? Let’s suppose he assumed a mentor role by exploring the options, strategy, and desired outcomes. Then, when the decision was made, and it was time for the to be results analyzed, he might support the team in the evaluation process.

Will at home could become a model for partnership with his spouse. Transparency with his partner, modeling decision-making, taking in the information, weighing the options as partners, then, assuming responsibility with his partner for the decision, could become a powerful learning opportunity for the entire family. This approach allows Will and his spouse to prepare the kids to make decisions in the future. The kids learn that Will and his spouse accept responsibility for the outcomes, that decisions have consequences and that we can recover from mistakes.

Here is the takeaway: with an awareness of personal and company values, CEOs are equipped to integrate as people. This reduces stress and allows the person greater harmony. No need to switch hats. You get to be you…just as you were created.

My podcast, Catalytic Conversations, Episode featuring Courtney McBean, discusses how Courtney and her partner built a company and then successfully sold it after just 24 months. The partnership was built on shared values. Courtney and her partner used their values to inform their partnership and each decision made throughout their ownership.

As always, I would love to coach you and your family, or partner through the preparation process. Call me at 804-372-7575 or contact me via email: You will receive a Get Your Bearings packet, we will schedule a call to review and determine if you are ready to get to work.

Wendy Dickinson

About the Author

Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, a coaching firm that specializes in working with business owners and executives who plan to expand their leadership capacity as their business grows.

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