How To Offload Stress

Most of us can legitimately say that stress is a part of life. But, we don’t always know how to deal with it.

That’s a problem. Stress can have a negative impact on our health. It can crush our confidence and optimism. Stress can fill us to the point that we are shouting, snapping or glowering at the people around us.

You get the picture.

For a business owner, or an executive, stress can destroy your leadership legacy.

It can lead to depression, and/or anxiety.

You can create a better outcome than that. And, it doesn’t have to take up all of your time and energy. It won’t cost you either. Actually, it will save you time, energy, and money in the long term.

Here are the steps:

  • Look at stressors and the stress cycle as separate.
    • You cannot control the stressors, but you can totally control your responses as part of the stress cycle.
    • The stress cycle is your body’s response to stressors and that can be a tool for building resilience if you are willing to complete the stress cycle.
  • Name the feelings that came up with that stressor.
  • Choose a way to let your body release those feelings that may be your body’s response to that stressor: breathe (big belly breaths), sing, tighten/loosen your muscles, workout, talk to a friend, cry, 20 sec hug, 6 second kiss (obviously, with the hug and kiss, you need a willing & consenting loved one)and picture those feelings leaking out and disintegrating.
  • Next, come up with a plan that could solve the problem (How? Identify the problem, generate the viable options, and choose the one aligned most closely with your goals, values, mission & purpose).
  • Then, use positive reappraisal: find the opportunity in the midst of the disaster.
  • Finally, remember your why. Re-engage the meaning in your life. Remind yourself why are you there, doing what you do, to reconnect with the work you are on meant to do.

This process is so well written and so clearly outlined by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. and Amelia Nagoski, DMA, in Burnout, Burnout, Burnout, Burnout: The Secret To Unlocking The Stress Cycle.

The one downside is that this book is written for women. I believe it could be value-added to any leader or business owner. Give it a read and apply the steps to your stress cycle. Let me know if I steered you wrong here.

Learn how to deal with your stress and then, deal with it. Your mission in life may depend on it.

Download your OFFLOAD STRESS infographic!

Wendy Dickinson

About the Author

Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, a coaching firm that specializes in working with business owners and executives who plan to expand their leadership capacity as their business grows.

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