Speaker & Facilitator

Bring Wendy in for your upcoming in-person and virtual events.

Wendy’s most requested topics include:

  • 3 Tools for the Turnaround – Any business can survive if you make resilient recovery part of the fabric of your business.
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?  EVERYTHING! – compassionate leadership without being a pushover
  • Muddy Mindsets Muck Things Up – There’s no handbook, magic wand or silver bullet – you have the answers if you clear out the crap.
  • RoadMap to Resilience – Making Meaning in the Midst of Crisis (Large & Small)

What people say?

Based on my recent experience in working with Wendy Dickinson of Ascend Coaching Solutions, LLC, I can say unequivocally that she provides tremendous value to my personal and professional performance. Wendy’s unique mix of skills, including her knowledge of psychology, particularly as it applies in a workplace setting, positions her to provide anyone with valuable insight into how to interact with fellow team members in the most productive way possible. Her coaching in this regard will improve communication within any organization, facilitate goal setting and reduce conflict. Without reservation I would recommend hiring Wendy and Ascend Coaching to anyone wishing to improve all functions of their organization and/or to improve their own personal productivity and work life enjoyment. ~Christopher L. Nelson, Vice President, BON SECOUR FISHERIES, INC.
I invited Wendy Dickinson to speak to seasoned entrepreneurs in my NEW VIRGINIA: SCALING4GROWTH last spring. She spoke to building value within their businesses to create options for viable exit strategies. She discussed case studies of common myths and pitfalls for owners hoping to sell their businesses. Wendy offers tools, tips and information to give business owners the ability to begin a viable exit strategy. Wendy possesses a unique combination of skills which allow business owners to understand the perspective of the buyer, seller, strategic partner, as well as the psychology of transition. She gives attendees the chance to consider mindset, awareness, readiness and resilience in creating sustainability within their organization. Wendy is very knowledgeable and easily engages with her audience. I will bring her back. ~Rita

Bring Wendy in for your upcoming in-person and virtual events!


Catalytic Conversations

Sometimes hearing other people’s stories of crisis and recovery sparks a thought for us that makes a difference or gives us hope. I interview business owners to honor their stories and experiences. Catch everybody’s why, how and what. Take a listen. Who says you have to learn everything the hard way? I have both video and audio only versions.

Video of this season’s Catalytic Conversations on YouTube: https://youtu.be/sGzIhy1Ne04

Audio of Catalytic Conversations can be found on Anchor, Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcasts, Pocketcasts, Podbean, RadioPublic https://anchor.fm/s/151fe90/podcast/rss

"Leaders have the power to model humanity at its best within the workplace community..."

~ Wendy Dickinson

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