Leadership Development

You want to EQUIP YOUR LEADERS to bring out the best in themselves, others, ideas, and results. 

But you are constantly putting out fires for most of the day.

There are constant reminders of incompetence: equipment, software, or some other investment that sits in the back, unused – whose idea was that?  It cost a fortune!

You feel overwhelmed, tired, and trapped.

Lack of a shared vision for the family enterprise and weak next-generation leadership are often cited as two of the leading reasons for the failure of family firms to successfully transition from one generation of family ownership to the next.

Each future leader has differing skills, interests, and capabilities that they bring to the table.

Determining how to best utilize the strengths of these leaders will help you develop a team that’s rock-solid and geared for success.

relationship conflict management

Relationship Management and Conflict Resolution

You want to MAKE GOOD HIRES and build a HIGH-PERFORMING team.

But customers/clients have commented on the turnover.

There is no equality between family members in business together. Some family members prioritize control, others want liquidity, and others place growth as the most important result.  Competing goals bring about miscommunication, conflict, and resentment.

Conflict is unavoidable, even in the closest families and the best run companies. Communication is the key to success in maintaining a family business.

Yet many families never get to first base in addressing communication issues, even those who realize how important it is to the outcome of resolving family differences.

Business Growth and Viability

Business Growth and Viability


But you are missing the targets you are aiming for.

Successful families and businesses are driven by a shared future vision. Long-term family business success requires formulating family and business plans.

Do the current plans adequately consider who family members are, and their wishes, now and in the future?

Has thought been given to family challenges that might undermine the plans in place?

Succession Planning

You want to lead the company through the NEXT TRANSITION.

But, you don’t have a roadmap for success.

You always planned to get the next generation of leaders up to speed, but it never happened.  You’re almost out of time.

The numbers fall off whenever YOU aren’t at the helm.
It’s your baby.

A lot rides on planning a major transition within a company.

Ensuring a smooth transition from one generation to the next is a process that needs to be carefully planned and meticulously executed in order to succeed.

Handling a succession involves a lot of moving parts and if not done correctly it can result in conflict, a loss of assets or revenue, and damaged relationships.

Few challenges demand more of a business owner than passing on the family business to the next generation.

With numerous family businesses approaching the retirement or death of their founders or CEOs with no plans for succession or inadequate plans that will fail to produce the desired results, the business is at the mercy of an uncertain world.

But when you add the layers surrounding a family business – vision, values, financial goals or succession, things can get really complicated.

Governance Strategy

Strategic Planning is NEVER A SIMPLE TASK

But when you add the layers surrounding family vision, values, financial goals or succession, things can get really complicated.

The purpose of corporate governance is to make sure your organization is held accountable in fulfilling its fiduciary duties.

i.e., investors know they can trust you with their funds; customers know they can rely on you to provide worthwhile services, and your internal stakeholders can be confident that funds will be managed fairly and honestly.

What We Do

Prepare the family business to survive for years to come.
Prepare the current leadership to make good hires to build a winning team.
Grow the business to the next level with systems to support that growth.
Build value in the business to create a viable business (NOT just a job).
Teach owners to navigate change profitably.

Ascend can expedite the development process so that both leaders, and their companies, grow exponentially.

With Ascend, cut through the frustration to get clarity in vision, guidance through business model changes, and the opportunities to optimize, capitalize, and maximize the team and their talents that lead to desired outcomes.

Ascend’s Proprietary Process

Business and Executive Coaching Services

If you need business and executive coaching services for your startup, your family-owned business, your small business, as well as for those of you who are leaders bracing for transition, Ascend can help.

If you have limited time, energy and resources, business and executive coaching can be your catalyst to reduce stress, frustration, and restore harmony within your business and personal life. Ascend can help.

If the new hires, culture, leadership and retention challenges have negatively impacted your ability to navigate the intersection of life and business, Ascend can help.

A $250 value!

This is your opportunity to receive a complimentary strategy session where I assess your business, your strengths, knowledge gaps, blind-spots, and offer some action steps you can take right now to set your course in the right direction.

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