​We work with clients to find their unique path to success. A path defined by their values, purpose and mission. Coaching provides clients with the skills needed to create mileposts in their careers, build resilience, and curate learning to become entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEO’s. From StartUps to retirement, we are the strategic thought partner for clients navigating change.

Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, a coaching firm that specializes in working with business owners and executives who plan to expand their leadership capacity as their business grows. She is the expert Coach in Middle Market business culture, improving relationships to increase value and profits to potential investors, future prospects and strategic partners by implementing best practices in communication, culture creation and team building. Raised with small business in her blood, Wendy hails from a family of entrepreneurs. She is passionate about seeing business people, who have spent their lives building their business, reap the rewards of their efforts.

Wendy holds a Master’s in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia, a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington, and certification from the International Coach Federation. Wendy brings her experiences as an individual and group therapist to every coaching relationship.

In addition to her work as The M&A Coach, Wendy is an accomplished dog trainer, training both canines and their humans.


Going into this process I really didn’t think I was going to get as much out of it, as I did. I now have developed skills that will help me to not only better me as a leader, but as a person. ~C.B.
“YES! YES! YES!!! You have reignited a fire under me that I haven’t had since I was getting this up and running! You have no idea what you’ve done. lol Thank you for the article too...not taking selling off the table down the road, but here’s the shocker...you’ve made me think outside of the box that I had built myself into...so I want to try something different, but have NO idea how to proceed. That means I am exceptionally grateful to have you in my life for more reasons than I can count! ~K.G.
Wendy has been an immeasurable help as I transition a manager into one of my businesses, so that I may do more with another business- which is my passion. She has guided me through emotions and practical business steps such as interviewing candidates, creating job descriptions & much more. Wendy comes with a wealth of experience, not only because of her training, but also as a former business owner herself. I would highly recommend her to any business owner! I only wish I had begun sooner with her coaching. ~T.D.
You won't find a better coach than Wendy; to help you reach your goals I highly recommend Wendy!
I was stuck. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to get out of my not-so-great-fit job. Wendy quickly helped me develop my values-focused approach to identifying actions that are leading me toward a much happier life. Wendy was very kind, caring, focused, professional, encouraging, and tough when she needed to be. Wendy was open to sharing some of her own personal and relevant experiences, which in turn, helped me open up about things I wasn't sharing because I thought they were trivial.... they weren't!
I am forever grateful that I was able to work with Wendy to first help me to overcome the internal struggles that I didn't realize were there, and then to help me make career decisions that were aligned with my values and experiences. It's funny how so many things align, I now feel much freer and energetic since I worked with Wendy. And, my career choices have been wonderful as well! ~M.E.
Prior to my coaching experience with Wendy, I spent my days listening to the negative self-talk I had perfected over the years. I believed I was “stupid” and “worthless” and was unable to complete any project I started. I woke up every day angry. I used sarcasm as a vent for my anger. I isolated myself from family and friends.
With Wendy’s help, I learned how to stop the negative voice which helped me gain confidence in my abilities. How? I quit listening by locking that ogre in the closet.
I learned how to use the SiBerian North RailRoad (SBNRR) method of interacting with others. I Stopped, I Breathed, I Noticed if I was carrying expectations or if the issue was mine, I Reflected as to whether my response was correct and I chose how I wanted to Respond. My quick sarcastic retorts were gone. How could I judge everyone when that job was God’s alone?
I learned that the authentic Helene can show up in every situation without anger or shame.
My life had been rather dark since my mom died in 2012. I hid and became an angry scared little girl. Today, I am still mourning the loss of my mom and best friend, but I am able to face each day without so much fear. The voice inside that was constantly berating me is locked away. The real me is here now. In THIS moment. Life will never be an easy journey, but learning how to navigate life with a purpose that is God’s will can bring joy and glory to God. Peace can be achieved.
I would definitely recommend this process to anyone who needs a gentle hand to guide them through the changes that they want in their lives. Wendy has helped me to restart my journey to become the person Jesus wants me to be. ~ H.D.
Wendy’s coaching transformed the way I think about looking for a job. I sought her help because at the age of 49 I decided to change my career path. I had spent 25 years in the same career and felt lost as to how to begin searching for a new career. At first I was hesitant, because I don’t easily share my personal feelings with others. Wendy was patient, kind and very empathetic. This put me at ease with sharing personal experiences that were potentially holding me back. The reflective thinking done through discussion and activities helped me to become more consciously aware of my talents and personal goals. We then used this knowledge to develop a tool. through which. I could explore new career opportunities. I now feel better prepared to find a career that will give me fulfillment. I am very grateful for her insight and coaching skills. ~M.C.