We work with clients to find their unique path to success. A path best traveled using vision, values, purpose, and mission as guardrails. We recognize the critical gaps in knowledge that become pitfalls for many company presidents and offer high-impact resources that unlock the executive’s path to profitability and resiliency.

Our business coaching and consulting creates a partnership with growing companies, equipping global leaders for navigating complexity and change, building high-performing teams, and navigating change profitably. From StartUps to retirement, we are the strategic thought partner for our clients.

Wendy Dickinson

Wendy Dickinson is the founder of Ascend Coaching Solutions LLC, the expert among coaches and consultants for thriving, viable businesses that want to protect and cultivate their business legacy.

As an expert in organizational culture within government and business settings – Wendy offers talent optimization tools, along with value-added, consciously profitable strategies to potential investors, future prospects, and strategic partners. Techniques include increasing an organization’s changeability, psychological safety, and resilience. Wendy co-founded three companies, one of which sold to a Fortune 1000.

Raised with small business in her blood, Wendy hails from a family of entrepreneurs. Growing up, Wendy saw the impact of creating a job rather than an asset from a privately held business. Wendy recognized the critical gaps in knowledge that become pitfalls for many company presidents. She offers high-impact resources that unlock the executive’s path to profitability and resiliency.

Wendy holds a Master’s in Counselor Education from the University of Virginia, a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington, and certification from the International Coach Federation. Wendy brings her experiences as an individual and group therapist to every coaching relationship. She is passionate about seeing business people who have spent their lives building their businesses reap the rewards of their efforts.

Wendy Dickinson is Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine. Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Lean In Network VP of Events
As a Lean In Regional Leader, Wendy supports a large network of women and men dedicated to gender equality. In this position, Wendy organizes events, hold training and networking sessions, and partner with the LeanIn.Org team to grow and engage the Lean In community. The Regional Leaders Program is a run by LeanIn.Org, the nonprofit organization founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to empower all women to achieve their ambitions. The Regional Leaders Program highlights the work of individuals within the Lean In community and provides them with the financial and operational support they need to be successful.

Summit Fellows Mentor
As a Summit Fellows Mentor, Wendy supports the next generation of impact-driven leaders through events, ongoing leadership development, and mentorship.

In addition to her work as a coach, Wendy is an accomplished dog trainer, training both canines and their humans.

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