Do you see yourself here?

At Ascend Coaching Solutions, we specialize in a business therapy approach. We look at healthy relationships as an essential part of organizational leadership.

Ascend can help.

Are you a Founder?

It’s tough to hold onto the spirit of a StartUp. It’s easy to misplace that energy and vitality – but, it’s the essence of what made the company unique.

Founders transition more easily and with greater confidence with the right coach in their corner. Coaching allows the company to create sustainable culture with the added depth of readiness and resilience.

Are you a Partner?

Partnerships require regular maintenance.

Unhealthy partnerships can be toxic for the company’s profits and culture. For many partnerships, there is the added complexity of personal relationships that may predate the business relationship.

Coaching provides the opportunity to explore alignment of values, mindset, self-awareness, and other aspects of this special relationship maintenance.

Are you a Family Business?

Most families suffer when their systems become stressed. Families face issues of different priorities, communication styles, and carry the role assignments from the family system into the business.

Coaching creates a zone of psychological safety that allows each family member to experience radical transparency. Clients learn generous listening skills, exploration of expectations, frameworks for problem solving and decision making in which each voice is heard.

Are you a Displaced Leader?

Coaching allows that person to add new tools, and repurpose old tools, to create the new path. A new way of life demands a new approach.

Once that leadership role is at an end, that support system is gone.
The CEO, who has spent years driving the implementation and execution of strategic initiatives, has given no thought to their own strategic plan. It’s time to invest in you.