Do you see yourself here?

I’m a business coach who works with business owners at the intersection of life and business. My clients are working towards survival as well as recovery.

Ascend can help.

Are you a Founder?

It’s tough to nurture the spirit of a startup in the best of times. In the midst of a pandemic – your small business may feel under attack- vulnerable, fragile, and volatile. It’s enough to panic any entrepreneur. It’s harder to hold onto logic while managing your emotions. The daring energy and vitality of an entrepreneur’s startup is a beautiful thing when the economy is strong and funding is plentiful – but, its very newness feels different in times of crisis.

There’s help for entrepreneurs in coaching. Ascend can support entrepreneurs in this new normal – partnering to make changes to the startup’s business model, operations plan, and in the creation of a recovery plan. Call today. Let’s get started on your next right steps.

Are you a Partner?

Small businesses are risky. Small business partnerships can be even riskier. During something like a pandemic, a partner can be your lifeline, or the drag that sinks the ship.

People enter into partnerships with colleagues, family or friends. What do they typically forget? Due diligence, for one. And, partnerships require regular maintenance.

Entrepreneurs who forget to do their due diligence, or haven’t maintained the relationship with regular check ins for alignment of vision and values, risk imploding when times are volatile. Just like the volatility of a pandemic with an economic shut down.

So, what is there for an entrepreneur in a partnership to do? Call Ascend. Our coaching process provides the reset that you and your partner need to get back on the same page internally to be ready to face whatever the world throws at you.

Are you a Family Business?

Most families suffer when their systems become stressed. COVID-19 has provided a cascade of the greatest stressors ever seen. Families who also face issues of different priorities, communication styles, and carry the role assignments from the family system into the business, face even greater challenges during an external threat like a pandemic.

Coaching creates a zone of psychological safety that allows each family member to experience radical transparency. Clients learn generous listening skills, exploration of expectations, frameworks for making the necessary changes to the business model, operations plan and writing a recovery plan to survive.

Are you a Displaced Leader?

Recent events surrounding the pandemic have shaken our economic foundations. We have gone from the lowest unemployment in history to the highest number of unemployment claims in recent history. How has COVID-19 impacted your position?

If your leadership role is at an end, that support system is gone.
The leader or business owner, who has spent years driving the implementation and execution of strategic initiatives, has given no thought to their own strategic plan. It’s time to invest in you. This could be your opportunity to build a new plan for your next chapter.

Coaching allows displaced CEO’s, leaders, entrepreneurs to add new tools, and repurpose old tools, to create the new path. A new way of life demands a new approach. Contact Ascend today to take your first step toward life after COVID-19.

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